From 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, users nPerf 243,777 connection tests performed on the three largest fixed internet providers in Serbia.

Overview of tests per supplier:

Part of nPerf tests per supplier

🏆 SBB achieved the best fixed internet performance achieved during this period

SBB dominates the market in terms of fixed internet connection performance – it is once again a leader in download and upload speed tests, as well as in ping results. The average download speed of users in Serbia is 47 Mb / s, which is a good global performance. As in other countries, this result is likely to obscure the digital divide between different areas.

SBB convincingly records the best results

Over the past 12 months, SBB has provided the fastest internet connection on fixed networks in Serbia. With an average download speed of 72 Mbps, SBB is far ahead of its competitors. The second in a row is Orion with 43 Mb / s.

With a speed of 72 Mb / s, SBB users can enjoy the most demanding internet activities, such as watching a movie in 4K resolution, watching multiple devices simultaneously, playing 4K games, etc.

Download speed per nPerf

SBB is also the provider with the best response – it has a very good latency (ping) of 31 ms, which is 10 ms better than in the previous period.

On fixed networks only SBB makes a clear difference.

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SBB has the best internet performance per nPerf

nPerf offers a free internet connection speed test, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, and is also available at All users of the nPerf speed test in Serbia form a panel of this study.

The nPerf study is based on thousands of tests done monthly exclusively by the end users of the provider, making it a “Crowdsourcing” study with the largest panel in Serbia.

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