At the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Kragujevac today was presented the innovative software platform “AntiCovid”, which enables ‘smart scheduling’ and manages the queues of patients waiting for testing.

The platform is an innovative system to reduce the crowds and pressure on doctors when patients enter waves unscheduled.

As has been said, the aim is that potentially healthy people do not have direct contact with potentially infected people, that waiting time is kept to a minimum and that emergencies take precedence.

The patient fills out an electronic form on the web application and can schedule an examination time. Then he receives an email and an SMS notification and a unique code – a password. The patient then follows his turn on the E-bulletin board, via a web application, and arrives exactly when his examination is scheduled.

“Every doctor in the office is connected to the system through an account, he monitors and can always know in advance which patient is coming and his clinical picture, the urgency of the examination and the age of the patient,” the author of the platform, Doctor of Economics. Milos Lucic, who works at the faculty, told reporters: medical sciences.

He said that the software platform “AntiCovid”, on which 15 experts worked, is a ‘donation to the health system of Serbia’, and will be given internationally to national health systems expressing a desire for support.

The director of the Health Center in Kragujevac, Vasilije Antic, told reporters that his institution would be ready to work within 10 to 15 days using an innovative software platform.

‘For us, this does not only mean for the Kovid clinic, but we think it can apply to all other branches where examinations are scheduled. The patient may not wait for the examination, and the doctor knows in advance how many patients he will have, ”said Antic.


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