The eternal dilemma of drivers flying – does it save more fuel by driving down the windows or the air conditioning when the hellish heat is outside?

Fuel consumption also largely depends on the car model you drive, your driving habits and a few other factors.

Previous research shows that managing air conditioning in the heat increases the fuel consumption in a four-person car by about five percent. For example, if you drive a Volkswagen Bora with a 90-horsepower engine, you will consume on average half a liter of fuel per 100 kilometers, reports Telegraf.

Air conditioning or a bottom window?

The use of air conditioning increases the consumption of gasoline, but the lowered windows increase the resistance. Experts have tested the SUV and sedan on two different tracks, and the test showed that it is worse for consumption when driving down the windows at a speed of 85-95 kilometers per hour. At that speed, fuel efficiency drops by 20 percent, while with air conditioning it drops by 10 percent.

If you drive less than 80 kilometers per hour, lowered windows are a more efficient option.

In short, if you are in the city and the temperatures are not too high, it is better to drive down with the windows. If it’s hellishly hot outside and you’re driving at higher speeds, air conditioning is a better option.

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