Lauren, a mother from Australia and a member of a Facebook group that publishes tips on cleaning the house, shared a great trick for cleaning the toilet – especially for anyone who avoids the use of strong chemicals .

As she showed in her example, stubborn stains from the toilet can be cleaned using only one product that is normally used in the kitchen, and it is very cheap at the same time – limontus, reports Daily Mail.

“I hate cleaning the toilet. Two containers (about 25 grams) of limontus left in the toilet for nine hours will solve the whole problem. The hardest part of the process is making sure that people do not use the toilet for the nine hours. “I wanted to use a cleaner, but it’s cheaper,” Loren wrote in her post.

Some were excited about the discovery, and some wrote in the comments that they have been cleansing with this ingredient for years.

‘I also use it for the toilet, but also for joint cleaning with children because there are no chemicals’, reads the remark of one mother, and the other one says:’ Citric acid is best! Ideal for toilets. ”

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