Napkins are found in almost every kitchen, but few know how useful they really are.

Every time we want to wipe our hands, collect liquid, remove dirt from food, quickly wipe a surface, we have to wipe off paper towels … But these kitchen aids can also be used for other purposes. Paper towels seem to have an excellent purpose – they can help keep vegetables and fruits fresh for longer.

For practical reasons, we often buy more groceries than we can eat, so it is important to extend their shelf life. The most common mistake we make is to wash fresh vegetables as soon as we bring them out of the market or out of the store. To last longer and retain its properties, it is important to keep vegetables unwashed and unpeeled until use.

Over time, however, most fruits and vegetables release water. If this moisture stays in the fridge, fruits and vegetables will spoil. All you have to do is place the drawer in the fridge, where you store fruits and vegetables with paper towels. This allows the food to retain its freshness longer. Paper towels absorb moisture, which slows down the process of rotting vegetables and fruits. It is important to change paper towels regularly, because if they are soaked in moisture, it will not do their job.

You should also avoid putting fruits and vegetables together, as many fruits, such as bananas, avocados and peaches, produce ethylene gas, which ripens when placed next to other, already ripe fruits.

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