The long-awaited report by the US government on “unidentified flying objects” – UFOs, published on Friday, confirmed at least one thing: the truth is still “out there”.

Investigators did not confirm that 144 observations of spacecraft or other vehicles flying seemingly at incredible speeds or trajectories were linked to the “aliens”, but drew several other conclusions and stressed the need for better data collection on phenomena that both Democrats as Republicans increasingly find it worrying. for state security.

In all but one of the investigations, there was too little information for investigators to even give a general explanation of the nature of the observed phenomena.

There were 18 cases in which witnesses saw ‘unusual’ ways of moving or flight characteristics, the report reads, adding that further analysis is needed to determine if it is an aircraft with ‘drastically advanced’ technology.

For a long time in the field of science fiction and so-called “ufologists”, the topic of UFOs has been addressed in recent years in the thorough studies of the Ministry of Defense – Pentagon and intelligence services. The possibility that these phenomena are the result of the work of an opponent of the United States spying with unknown technology has upset the delegates of both parties.

The US Congress requested a report last year and it was presented to him on Friday. Although it has already been announced that there are no conclusions, the report on what the government does not call UFOs, but “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP), is still a turning point in the study of the issue.

U.S. officials, who informed reporters on condition that their names not be released, said there were “no clear indications” that the sightings were related to life anywhere in space. There is also no definite connection between the vision and the possibly unknown technology of US opponents, such as Russia or China.

“It is clear that we need to be able to better analyze the remaining UAP observations, although we accept that there are certain limitations in our (human) ability to characterize and understand some of the observations we already have,” he said. official said.

The report was published on the Internet and submitted to the House Intelligence Committees and the Senate of the U.S. Congress, with an appendix marked confidential. Delegates were notified of the investigation last week. One person who attended the briefing, which was also confidential, and spoke on condition that her name not be released, said MPs received little information other than what is publicly available, and that the only videos shown to them has been published even earlier.

The report contains five possible categories of observations, including the ability of American adversaries to fly using unknown technologies and phenomena that occur naturally in the atmosphere.

But only one case was categorized as ‘a crowd in the air’, and it is believed that it was a large balloon that was blowing. Other cases are not categorized due to lack of information. This includes three cases of possible observation, recorded in videos whose secret mark has been removed and published in recent years.

The Ministry of Defense will develop a new strategy in the next three months to gather and monitor information on possible sightings.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said the UAP report highlighted the problem of flight hazards over and near military test sites and training grounds. She instructed the Pentagon’s top intelligence and security officer to establish formal ways to coordinate the collection, reporting and analysis of UAP information. The body will also make recommendations on the security of military training sites.

“It is crucial that the United States upholds the safety and security of the Department of Defense,” she wrote in a letter. ‘For this reason, it is equally important that all U.S. military air crews and government personnel report when aircraft or other means interfere with military training. This includes detecting UAPs and reporting on them. “

Part of the effort to gather data is to “destigmatize those who have seen the UAP” and encourage pilots to report what they see, even if it’s incredible.

“The big problem with the UAP has been the culture of stigmatization” of those who report seeing it, Democrat MP Andre Carson, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said in an interview last week. “It’s mostly attributed to the influence of science fiction.”

Senator Marco Rubio, who as the main Republican in the Senate Intelligence Committee has long sought to publish more on the UAP, calls the report “an important first step in cataloging matters, but it is only the first step.” ‘

“The Ministry of Defense and the intelligence services need to work much harder before we can really understand whether these phenomena are a serious cause for concern about state security,” Rubio said.


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