After 50 years, Volkswagen decided and said out loud: not for its top seller – VW curry sausage.

They sell about seven million of them annually, and now it has come to an end because meat will be banned in the factory canteen, reports Večernji list.

The VW curry sausage has been a favorite choice for lunch workers for years. According to an internal announcement, the business restaurant in the factory in Wolfsburg must become meatless after the holidays, which means that about 150 dishes on offer will be meatless. Sometimes fish is offered in the menu.

How did that decision come about?

Allegedly, it was many workers who wanted vegetarians and vegan alternatives. The change also serves to take care of the environment, because a lower meat consumption also helps to preserve the natural environment.

The sausage has already been banned at the site of the VW factory in Hanover. Everyone who still wants to enjoy the taste of curry sausage just needs to cross the road and pick it up at another restaurant, reports HAKrevija.

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