You will immediately see an incredible difference

We all love soft and fragrant towels. However, many do not know how to wash it well, and at the same time achieve the softness.

Fortunately, there is always a good trick or advice we can use.

A mother from Brisbane in the UK has told what she is doing to make her towels completely soft.

And it’s actually very simple.

She first fills the washing machine with towels, puts it on the usual hot laundry and ensures that the spinning speed is between 600 and 800 rpm.

Then she adds only half the amount of detergent she would otherwise put in, as well as half a cup of alcoholic vinegar.

This mom claims that this method of washing towels makes a big difference, especially in its softness. “Excess detergent collects on towels and strengthens them,” she said, adding that vinegar removes the excess dust, eventually making towels extra soft.

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