Cleaning the toilet is a big problem for all housewives, so any advice is welcome.

An Australian mother shared a trick on Facebook to keep the toilet clean, without realizing that her advice would become a real viral hit.

Here is what he says:

Fill a half-to-half-half plastic bottle with a softener and another used water. Close the lid tightly and drill holes in it.

Place the bottle upright in the well. Every time you release the water, the emollient gives off a very pleasant scent that lasts for hours.

Her trick divided the users of this social network so that it was discussed whether the emollient could damage the rainbow and whether it is wise to put it inside. At the same time, a professional cleaning company wrote on Instagram:

‘Pour a cup of detergent or softener into the sink. The detergent sinks to the bottom of the kettle and stays there, and every time you let the water in, the bathroom smells. “

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