Each person has their own way of acting behind the wheel. This includes how to rest your hands on the steering wheel. Some are relaxed, so they only hold the steering wheel with one hand, others are insecure and do not let it fall from both hands for a second … What type do you belong to and what does it say about your personality?

There are ten ways drivers hold the wheel while driving, and it reveals how they are in life.


One hand is on the steering wheel, the other on the gearbox.

You try to live as simple as possible. You would rather have some good friends than be surrounded by a bunch of different people. This does not mean that you are boring – people appreciate you, respect your lifestyle and the fact that you are not prone to dramaturgy.

2. Logic

One hand is on the steering wheel up, the other down.

You are a very reasonable and rational type of person. Your family values ​​you very much because of your ability to make the right decisions and because they can rely on you. You are prone to mood swings, but you try your best to control them.

3. Vredemaker

Both hands are in the center of the steering wheel.

You do not like conflict and do everything in your power to avoid it. Sometimes you know how to elevate your voice, but that happens very rarely. You do not tolerate enmity between people and you tend to find ways to reconcile the two conflicting parties, that is, to solve a problem.

4. Perfection

The hands are in the upper half of the steering wheel, apart.

You hold the steering wheel as you were taught in driving school, because you feel that the rules must be followed and that you are doing everything in the right way. It is actually your life motto, through which you are successful in life. Many people around you want to be like you – you are their role model.

5. Panic

The hands are on the upper half of the steering wheel, very close together.

You often struggle with stress and tend to check two or three times if what you have already done is right. People close to you constantly try to calm you down and often tell you to relax. They do this because they know you’re an amazing person hiding behind their armor.

6. Adventurers

One hand is in the center of the steering wheel.

You are a true example of a man who is prone to adventure. Any activity that increases your adrenaline will entice you. Friends and family are often not excited about your lifestyle, but they respect you and your choices.

7. Leader

Both hands are on the lower half of the steering wheel, apart, with the fingers facing the driver.

It can be said that you are a born leader and that you take responsibility without any problems. You are confident and people respect you as a mentor, they trust you. At work, you are regularly praised for your leadership skills.

8. Feeder

Both hands are on the lower half of the steering wheel, apart, with the fingers turned away from the driver.

People love you because they feel your kindness and caring. You are happy when close people achieve something in life, and you are always willing to support them and even if success in something is sometimes lacking. You are not inclined to be a leader and to achieve anything in life. You value relaxation and peace of mind more, so you accept that some things should be simple as they are.

9. Super tip

One hand is on the upper part of the steering wheel, and the other hand leans casually on the side.

You are the personification of a calm and pleasant man who stays calm in almost every situation. Every day is a holiday for you and you want almost nothing to change in your life. Friends and family like to spend time in your business, especially if they really need to relax.

10. Bulldozer

One hand is on the steering wheel, the other on the trumpet.

You are very busy and do not have time for the people who stand in your way. Neighbors admire your determination and ambitious nature. They know they can always ask you for support in serious life situations, Brightside reveals.

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