Ironing clothes, especially when temperatures are high, is one of the most hated jobs.

A stack of uncoated laundry can be daunting, but luckily there is a way to speed up this laborious work. Aluminum foil can serve as an ally in this fight.

There are two ways to use this to significantly shorten the time you need for ironing. The first is to cover the ironing board with aluminum foil, put on a lid and usually iron the wardrobe. Aluminum foil reflects heat and produces steam, so you do not have to iron clothes on both sides.

Another way is to place aluminum foil balls in the machine while laundry is being dried. They help to wash clothes better, and many claim that it is an excellent alternative to fabric softener. They stop the generation of static electricity in the dryer. Two to three balls are enough, and make it simple – take a piece of foil and make a ball as big as a tennis ball.

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