The green-blue shade is becoming increasingly popular, and it is usually associated with luxurious and expensive interiors

The unusual and enchanting green-blue shade of cyan has been found in the decoration of the living space for the past few years, mostly because it looks relaxing, but also because it makes the interior radiate luxury.

It allows you to experiment in a safe way – it’s just as reliable as the good old gray and white, but the dark tone and elegant look make it even more beautiful and make us feel relaxed and stylish while resting when we return home.

How to decorate a house with this shade?

The best way to get started is with artwork. Whether you choose an image dominated by cyan or a vase or miniature, it is a wonderful and very subtle way to give an injection of elegance to your living space.
These details will look even better if you paint one wall in a cyan color,! The whole part of the room will therefore be a small chameleon, whose color will change from green to blue, depending on the time of day and how much sunlight falls on the wall.
Combine it with gold and copper shades, as this combination radiates luxury and the atmosphere of French palaces, but do not exaggerate it so as not to slip into kitsch.
Add yellow to it! If cyan with gold is too elegant for you and you are striving for a brighter style, you should add yellow details in front of the cyan wall, and vice versa: the cyan bench in front of the yellow wall is a mixture of imagination!
Nothing worse, and less intrusive, the combination is a cyan shade with gray, which is ideal if you are striving for a slightly retro style. You can therefore change the green-blue cover over the gray corner set or add a gray round cushion to the cyan armchair.

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