Chinese authorities have announced that their mission with the human crew of Shenzhou-12 was completely successful, the Chinese Media Group (CMG) reported today.

The Shenzhou 12 return capsule landed safely in a predetermined area of ​​Dongfeng Port, located in the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia in northern China.

All three Chinese astronauts or magnates, Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, are in good condition.

The magnets in the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft, launched on June 17, entered the basic module of the Chinese space station Tijengong Tianhe, thus becoming the first inhabitants of the Chinese space station.

Several tasks were successfully completed during their three-month life in orbit.

All equipment, such as next-generation space packs and mechanical weapons, as well as other support facilities, were more than successful, and technologies such as high-speed automatic plant and plant laid an important foundation for future manned missions.

The three tycoons will spend a certain period in quarantine after landing to ensure their health due to traditionally weakened immunity after a long stay in space, the chief designer of the Chinese Center for Astronauts Huang Weifen told CMG.


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