Color experts unveil – this is the happiest shade for 2022! Bring her home because she radiates optimism …

Colors in the interior play a big role in decorating the home, not only because of the aesthetics, but also because of their energy impact, which affects the mood of the family and the energy of the space. A well-known UK home decoration and color company has revealed what the leading shade for 2022 is – light blue has been chosen!

Light blue has been declared a shade in 2022 – it is a very delicate color associated with lightness, calmness and silence. It is connected to the air, and it is considered optimism, happiness and comfort in the home.

Psychologists believe that each color evokes certain emotions. Red and yellow colors cause a feeling of hunger and increase activity. They help cheer us up and bring a festive atmosphere. These colors are often used by fast food chains. Blue and green are related to nature, so it has a calming effect on humans. Green helps to harmonize with unity with nature and gives a feeling of calm. Black and white represent elegance, self-control and purity. Therefore, many stores use these colors to enhance their status.

The light blue color reminds us of the sky, a sunny day without clouds, so it is not surprising that it was chosen for the happy shade in 2022. It is a nuance of spirituality, wisdom, patience, truth, calmness … Psychologists believe that it inspires great achievements, brings peace of mind, strengthens intuition and desire with knowledge.

You can change the furniture and buy new ones in this color, but you can also easily buy bedding or pillows in this color. The contrast of light blue and white colors on the walls also has a great effect on the mood, and it is also considered ideal for bedrooms, because it helps fight insomnia. If you place light blue in the study, it is considered an increase in cognitive abilities. The ideal choice for the living room are also photos in which the light blue stands out, especially when it comes to the sky.

Play with this shadow and bring optimism into your home in 2022.

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