China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will continue to strengthen cooperation in science, technology and innovation for sustainable development, the conference participants said at the Jungguancun Ongoing Forum ( ZGC Forum) was held in Beijing in 2021, said.

As the Chinese Media Group (CMG) reported today, Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wang Jigang said during the Fifth Conference of China and CEE countries on innovative cooperation that cooperation was fruitful in vaccine research and development, exchange of experts and material assistance for the prevention of epidemics.

Wang recalled that Chinese scientific and technological innovations are taking place in an open environment and that China is ready to continue with the CEE countries to strengthen the scientific and technological exchanges to respond better to kovid-19.

Laszlo Palkovic, Hungary’s Minister of Innovation and Technology, said funding had been provided for more than 100 bilateral research projects between Hungary and China.

According to him, it has enabled Hungarian and Chinese researchers to successfully collaborate on projects of common interest in the fields of life sciences, natural sciences, agricultural technology, food, environmental and energy technologies, CMG said.

Many participants emphasized the importance of cooperation in response to kovid-19 and were willing to join forces.

“Today we must recognize the important role of science in responding to the pandemic, economic recovery and the world in the post-epidemic era,” said BiH Minister Ankica Gudeljevic.

“We are committed to collaborating in scientific and technological research and development, with the aim of solving our overall challenges and promoting sustainable economic development,” she added.

The ZGC Forum 2021 in Beijing, held under the theme “Intelligence, Health and Carbon Neutrality”, runs until 28 September.

More than 60 events will be organized during the forum, including meetings, exhibitions, presentations of research achievements, competitions in the latest field and technology trade, CMG added.


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