Due to the stiff glue, the registration sticker or vignette affixed to the windshield can be very difficult.

Everyone who travels outside the borders of Serbia regularly encounters vignettes to drive on the highway. It is usually picked weekly, and if you do not pick it up immediately after expiration, you may experience problems. The truth is not legal, but aesthetic, because time does its thing, and strong glue does not leave much room for nails and similar tools.

Old stickers and vignettes on the windshield cause problems even when removed. Grease stains from glue are difficult to remove unless you have the appropriate chemicals. Namely, the most common window cleaner is useful. Spray the sticker, wait a while and then carefully remove it with a razor, says HAK. Alcohol can also be used for cleansing.

In winter, you can heat the sticker with a hair dryer, and it is also easy to remove, and there is also the universal spray WD-40, which always helps in such situations.

Anyway, after removing the sticker, wash the glass with detergent and a cloth to wipe off the remaining grease.

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