October is a time of preparation for calmer weather in nature, and it is not considered a season to plant flowers. However, October is an ideal month to plant a wide variety of flowers that can give your garden a handful of colors and flavors.

Bulbs are perennials with fleshy, subterranean structures that store nutrients during the dormant period of plants. Bulbs can be divided into two categories: spring bulbs that bloom in spring and fall bulbs that bloom in autumn.

The fall season is the time when many gardeners plant spring bulbs because they need time to develop their root system before the first frost.

Bulbs should not be planted until the soil temperature drops below 15 degrees.

Frost-resistant flowers
Frost-resistant plants can survive difficult conditions with little or no damage. The ice flower is one of them, and this plant is decorated with pink and purple flowers.

Cornflower can bloom in temperatures below freezing, and it is decorated with cup-shaped flowers that lean. It is a perennial plant that is medicinal but also poisonous.

Zlatnica has yellow flowers that appear on top of long flower stalks. It grows in full sun and can live in the shade.

Annual flowers
Unlike perennials, annual flowers will not return from year to year and usually die when ripe. However, several annuals can be planted in the fall.

These plants are called hardy annuals, but prefer the colder season, but they need time to form before the cold weather begins.

Day and night and petunias are just a few of these types of flowers whose seeds you can plant in early October.

Flowers that bloom in autumn
In autumn, when most plants complete their life cycle, they flower, flourish and reward them with their shapes, colors and flavors. Among them are chrysanthemums, dahlias, asters.

As for chrysanthemums, they have a bushy shape, most varieties are not long, and they bloom until November (certain varieties). The flowers can be of different colors and shapes and can completely change your garden in the fall.

Dahlias are extremely decorative flowers, and they bloom from June to early October. Asters belong to perennials and are very easy to care for, and they flower until November.

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