The oven is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. Whether it is baked, fried or reheated, it is necessary in every kitchen. While there seems to be nothing you can not do, there are some things and foods that you should never put in the oven, not when baking or when heating it. The consequences can be quite dangerous.

1. Unprotected food

Never put dishes or food in the oven without a suitable container. If you place it directly on the grill, very fatty or sweet foods can lose water and fat, which then drips to the bottom of the oven. These liquids not only contaminate the stove, but in the worst case, it can cause a dangerous fire. Therefore, it is best to place the dish in a suitable container, such as a baking tray or a heat-resistant plate.

2. Plastic

Everyone should know this. Because there is no safe plastic suitable for the oven, no matter how low the temperature in it. No tupperware or disposable pans should be used for baking or heating. They can dissolve in heat or release harmful chemicals when heated.

Cold or damaged glassware

You can, of course, use a refractory glass bowl or a cake plate in the oven. However, the temperature difference between the glass and the oven should not be too great, as it can cause a temperature shock and thus cause cracks in the cold glass or even an explosion. Therefore, never place glassware directly from the refrigerator in the oven.

4. Paper

It’s not just paper towels that are taboo here; the popular wax paper intended to cover food may never be in the oven. Both are not heat resistant and melt in the oven. The only exception, of course: baking paper.

5. Wet pots

Even wet items have no place in your oven. Especially wet or damp pot holders, kitchen towels and similar materials can be dangerous. Any water in the oven turns directly into steam, which can lead to unpleasant burns.

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