For almost seven hours, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were not available to users, and the company Facebook said in the first announcement that there were problems with the network, and that the situation would soon be under control. However, several theories have emerged that explain the blockade of these applications.

Although Facebook claims that it is a ‘wrong configuration change’, which has prevented nearly 3.5 billion users from accessing their accounts, analysts around the world are not convinced of the truth of these allegations. All three indicate that it is a deliberate ‘collapse of applications’ to eliminate certain problems, writes

Theory 1: I turned off all servers on Facebook

According to one of the possible theories, Facebook shut down all servers themselves to find the malware set up by the hackers. With the help of this malware, hitherto unknown hackers have stolen nearly 1.5 billion data from Facebook users. They now have access to personal information, email address, location and phone number of people around the world. Therefore, the servers had to be shut down for seven hours, as long as the technicians needed to detect and remove the malware before it caused even more damage.

Theory 2: Frances Hogen

Another possible explanation mentioned is the recent media appearance of troublemaker Frances Hogen, who revealed all of Facebook’s secret companies in an interview. Hogen worked as a company manager.

‘What I saw time and time again on Facebook was a conflict of interest between what is good for the public and what is good for the business. “Facebook has always chosen what is good for the interests of the business, such as increasing earnings,” Hogen said in an interview in which she revealed her identity.

She has filed at least eight complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission, claiming that the company is hiding research on the shortcomings of investors and the public. She also shared the data with the “Wall Street Journal”, which published the investigation in several parts. Documents show that Facebook was aware of problems with its applications, including the negative consequences of misinformation and the damage Instagram did to young girls.

Facebook aggressively opposed these allegations, describing them as ‘misleading’. The applications owned by Facebook bring far more benefit than harm, claim the leaders of the world’s most famous social network.

Theory 3: A problem called Instagram

One of the data Frances presented to the public relates to Instagram and the influence on young girls. This is the third most common theory that explains the closure of applications.

Namely, the opinions of many suggest that Instagram sets unrealistic ideals of beauty and appearance of women. As this application is the most popular among younger users, girls between the ages of 12 and 22 are trying to follow the instructions of Instagram, causing health and other problems for themselves. These are exhausting diets, surgeries and cosmetic treatments that are not recommended for people of that age.

However, to see a scene from Instagram in the mirror, young girls are ready to undergo strict diet and thus endanger their health. Facebook has reportedly removed all of its platforms to control the content available on Instagram.

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