Beware of these mistakes if you want your pan to serve you for years. Experts agree that you should not pour cold water over a hot dish. Wait for it to cool on its own before starting it. Otherwise we can damage it quickly

The pan is mostly used for frying in oil. Use at high temperatures. Many people instinctively put their pan immediately after frying under cold water. This is a bug.

This way we want to make the washing easier for us, but we are actually only contributing to the damage. This should not be done.

A rapid temperature change if you cook the pan with cold water causes thermal shock and leads to gradual destruction. It does not matter what material your dish is made of. This also applies to cast iron, stainless steel and Teflon. Hot dishes should not be cooled quickly with cold water. The surface of the pan may warp and start to crack. The bottom becomes uneven and the pan rotates on the hob instead of lying flat. As a result, your food is not evenly heated or fried.

Upon heating, metals naturally expand slightly and then gradually return to their original shape. It is not necessary to interfere with the rapid cooling of the dishes.

Experts advise you to wait about ten minutes until the dish reaches room temperature.

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