The situation seems to have come to an end if your phone screen was broken. Scientists at McGill University in Montreal have invented glass and acrylic composites that ‘offer a combination of strength, toughness and transparency’, reports the Daily Mail.

The inspiration for this glass for the scientists was mollusk shells, i.e. mother-of-pearl, and the structure itself looks like interwoven Lego blocks.

According to them, the new material has a resistance that looks more like plastic and does not disintegrate due to the impact.

The idea is to use new protective glass for the manufacture of smartphones whose glass shatters when it falls or hits.

The shells of mollusks consist of about 95% chalk, which in its pure form is very brittle, but the mother-of-pearl, which covers the inside of the shell, is very flexible and allows it to resist breaking without breaking.

“The mother-of-pearl has the rigidity of a solid material and the durability of a soft material,” says Allen Ihrlicher of McGill University, adding that this structure is 3,000 times stronger than the material of which it is made.

So far, compromises have been made between high strength, strength and transparency in the manufacture of protective glass for smartphones, McGill University points out, adding that their new material is three times stronger than normal glass, but also five times more resistant to breakage.

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