Dahlias, asters, chrysanthemums … plants that will beautify your garden until the first frost due to the long flowering time.

Here are the most beautiful varieties!

Garden chrysanthemums are the real queens of autumn. Most varieties are not tall (they grow up to 30-50 centimeters above the ground), forming extremely beautiful, sympathetic shrubs. It is resistant to frost, and for the winter it is enough to cover it with sawdust, compost or garden soil. They usually bloom from mid-summer (most from early September) to late October, and some varieties also delight us with their flowers in November. The flowers can appear in different colors and shapes. Suitable for fertile, slightly moist, warm soil and sunny position.

Dahlias are characterized by highly decorative flowers that take on imaginative shapes and colors. They bloom for a very long time – from June to early October. In our climate, dahlias do not overwinter; it is grown as an annual plant and after the first frost it must be dug up. They usually reach 20 to 150 inches in height. Dahlias prefer sunny or partly shady places, preferably sheltered from the wind. Give a slightly moist and well-drained substrate to which we added compost so that they can flower strongly. Occasionally we also use mineral fertilizers and remove faded flowers – then we extend the flowering time of dahlias.

Heath is very easy to cultivate. It belongs to the large Heather family, which has more than 500 species. It is an evergreen shrub with small flowers in the form of bells of different shades. They require no special care and bloom profusely from September until the first frost. They can be planted from early spring to late autumn. They like sunny places and light, well-drained soil. Heaths also need to be pruned – we only do this in early spring (ie early March and April). For the winter, it is enough to wet them abundantly and cover them with agrotextiles – thanks to the surname for next season.

Also known as “Beautiful Kata”. They appear in late August and bloom until November. These are perennials that do not require complicated care – which is why they are often chosen by novice gardeners. They usually grow 120-150 centimeters high. They are also ideal for planting larger spaces, e.g. around a fence or building. They are also great as cut flowers in bouquets and other compositions.

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