In the used car market, the rules are clear and often subjective.

It is common knowledge that cars from German manufacturers are the best in our region.

The Holy Trinity is out of the question, and Volkswagen is a benchmark in the market. You can literally buy parts at the kiosk, they are repaired on every yard, and when a model is advertised, customers stand in line.

It used to be that way, and now things have changed a bit. However, it is far from not looking for goods. The problems are elsewhere. Italian exotics (we do not mean Ferrari and Maserati), which are difficult to sell for other, especially financial reasons, but for more exotic models from the range of Alfa Romeo, Lancia and even Fiat.

That does not mean they are bad, on the contrary. Renault 25 and Safrane, Citroen XM, Peugeot 605 enjoy status today and their price is rising.

Newer is a disastrous investment. The offer is bad, the price is low and the services are very expensive. Skin Satis and C6 go through the worst, which is almost impossible to get rid of. Extinguished brands and unavailable models Remember two more rules in this regard. The first is that you can forget that you can easily get rid of models from other markets.

At least newer, because no one wants a model for which there are no parts. The US edition of the Ford Focus, for example, is not worse, but it will wait months for a new owner. Only those who drive models of extinct brands are in a worse situation. Daewoo and the later Chevrolet are not a big deal, but having a Rover is already a challenge that few are ready for. Services are expensive and supply is scarce, especially when it comes to offering used parts.

Saab owners can be a little more satisfied. The cult brand has produced excellent cars that are made to last, so they keep going. They look good, they drive even better, but that’s why services are becoming an increasing problem.

If you are planning to sell, do so as soon as possible. Towards the end, we left the original models offered by the big manufacturers at a time when they had the courage to be original.

Here are a few:

The Jaguar X-Type in the station wagon edition, the Mercedes R-Class and the Audi A2, which in today’s context is still a special car. When a line is drawn, it comes down to one line. If you are not a fan of brands and models, and you would like to change cars, do not philosophize.


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