The American internet company Insurify, which deals with the comparison of car insurance, analyzed the data on speed with regard to 393 vehicle models and determined that the drivers whose cars have the “heaviest leg” on the gas.

The model that is mostly fined for speeding in the United States is the Subaru WRX for the third consecutive year. Even more interesting is the fact that Subaru appears three times in the top-10 list, with its three models – WRX, BRZ and Impreza.

According to the data, 18.8 percent of WRX drivers have at least one fine for exceeding the speed limit, which is not comparable to the state average of 9.59 percent. The Hyundai group is also very good on the list – the Hyundai Genesis Coupe (17.72 percent) and Kia Stinger (16.58 percent) and Hyundai Veloster (14.65 percent) appear in the top-10.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI also got its place on the list, although we expected better with eighth place and 14.95 percent.

Insurify notes that the retail prices of all these cars are lower than the national average of 41,044 US dollars (35,300 euros), which may explain the greater number of fines by simply having more on the street, reports Jutarnji list.

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