The entire annual production of the most expensive Russian car in history was sold out within a few days.

Of course, we are talking about the Senate model of the relatively new Aurus brand, whose production for the open market started in May this year. In early October, the first copies arrived at the Moscow Salon to be presented to the public.

After only a few days, however, Aurus announced that all 350 copies that will be produced this year have been sold. Therefore, they are forced to open the list of orders for next year now, writes

And it would not be at all strange if we were not talking about a car that costs about 24 million Russian rubles, or about 289,000 euros.

It seems that the Russians really want to drive a presidential limousine, but also the pride of a new Russian car industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that they chose only the best version.

Let us remind you: it’s a limousine over 5.6 meters long, aesthetically reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce whose customers aim for it, at least as far as Russia is concerned.

This is supported by the armored version options, as well as the fact that the car is powered by a powerful 4.4 V8 engine in a hybrid edition. It develops 590 hp and 880 Nm, which is enough to propel a 2.8 ton cruiser to a limited 250 km / h with an acceleration of ‘hundred’ in about 6 seconds.

There is also a V12 version that will be available later. And most importantly, most components come from the west, from well-known manufacturers, and then everything is coordinated by a team of domestic experts from the NAMI Institute.

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