Want to change your bedroom but do not have the budget for it? No problem, we have an excellent solution, i.e. three. Interior designer and stylist Joanna Laven showed in the example of her own bedroom how to turn a bedroom into a few steps. This is a very simple step that will make a big difference.

The way you arrange the pillows on the bed, in addition to giving the bedroom a new look, will also show what style you cherish. Before embarking on this action, you need to pay attention to two things, warns the designer. – Take care of your style and aesthetics and how much time you have available in the morning – says Laven.

The first style he suggests is minimalist and is reserved for those who do not have much time in the morning. ‘This is my personal style and the most common choice. I start with larger pillows at the bottom, and I stack smaller ones. It is enough to have three pillows, but you can sit more. Such a look is very elegant. An important item is the choice of bedding. The best is one without patterns in contrasting colors to create dynamics. Explain the stylist.

The second style is classic, with raised pillows. This arrangement creates the impression of brilliance. The cushions have the same width but different heights, due to the way they are stacked, thus achieving layering.

The third style is reserved for lovers of layers and textures in the bedroom. This style involves adding more pillows to create a cozy atmosphere. It’s best to stick to monochrome color combinations, and if you find it boring, you can add different textures to make the bed look more attractive. You can also play with the sizes and shapes of the pillows to create dynamics.