Women and men differ. Especially when it comes to car selection. These cars are a great choice for female drivers.

1. Audi A3
The A3 is based on the A-Series of the Volkswagen Group, and since its launch it has become unique, writes Telegraf. The third generation of this model won the car of the year award in 2014, and rightly so.

Numerous versions of the engine are offered, which are ideal for women, and the car itself is very comfortable and very economical.

2. Hyundai Grand i10
It is definitely one of the best cars for women as it has a low price but also very low maintenance cost.

The Grand i10 has small dimensions, which makes parking easier and driving more precise. What is especially important is the low noise while driving, and there are numerous safety features that really make this model a “complete package”.

Mini Cooper Clubman
The Mini Cooper is made to look compact, and the small size and striking design are just the icing on the cake.

But despite its compactness, the Clubman mentions four doors and significantly more space inside than many would expect.

4. Honda Civic
This is definitely one of the most affordable cars you can buy. The Civic gets better from generation to generation and offers solid economy and affordable maintenance.

It is an excellent choice even for families because of the excellent stability and handling that guarantees a safe ride.

5. Slim Fortwo Cabriolet
Although it can only accommodate two people, the Smart is known for its environmental awareness and safety. Despite accommodating only two people, Smart offers plenty of space but also easy driving and parking.

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