In the general lack of money and due to the increasing cost of owning and maintaining cars, drivers are forced to drive in various ways to comply with the legal norms and basic maintenance of vehicles.

A typical way

One of the typical ways to “save” is definitely to use a combination of winter-summer tires on the vehicle.

Another, no better option is to buy just one pair of new winter tires, while opting for the other pair of less worn or even used ones. We can say that it is a deadly combination, which is more deadly than the use of summer tires during the winter.

Above all, it is about the simple laws of physics. If we start from the assumption that the new winter tire has better traction and grip than the summer one or the worn one, then it is indisputable that different forces occur on different axles, writes

Big problem

If new winter tires are placed on the car on the front wheels, which are mostly driven, and we have late summer or winter, worn tires on the rear wheels, the driver can be in big trouble.

In such a combination of different tires, during a sudden change of direction, surprises are possible. The new winter tires “hold” on the ground, while the traction of the rear tires is significantly lower. Due to the reduced grip on the rear axle, sliding is of course inevitable, as well as the loss of control over the vehicle.

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