Facebook owner and founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that parent company Meta will continue to call to better present all of its activities, although the names of the various platforms will remain unchanged.

The name is being changed due to brand name, the BBC said.

The company said it would be better to “capture” what it does as it expands beyond social networks in areas such as virtual reality.

Zuckerberg said he chose the word meta, after the ancient Greek word meaning something further, to show that there is always “something else to build”, reports AFP.

The change does not apply to individual platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Vocap (Whatsapp), only to the parent company they own.

The move followed a series of negative reports on Facebook based on documents provided by the whistleblower, a former employee of the company. Francis Hoygen accused the company of putting profit above people’s safety.

In 2015, Google restructured its company and named its parent company Alphabet, but that name was not accepted.


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