Today, the Ministry of Finance submitted a proposal to the Government of Serbia for amendments to the Tax on the Use, Holding and Carrying of Goods Act, which proposes to reduce the tax burden on passenger vehicles from five to 20 years, the ministry said. announced.

No additional reduction has been proposed for vehicles older than 20, as 20 percent of the prescribed amount of tax is still paid for those vehicles.

Also, an additional reduction in the tax on these vehicles can be seen as an incentive for their purchase, which is not acceptable from the point of view of road safety and improvement of environmental protection, according to the ministry.

As mentioned, the draft amendments to the law were made taking into account that the market value of passenger vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 2,000 cubic meters decreases faster based on age compared to other motor vehicles.

In this regard, there was a need to implement the constitutional principle of taxation more consistently when it comes to taxation on the use of motor vehicles, in relation to the economic power of taxpayers, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.


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