If you are a fan of flowers and gardening, you have probably already planted some annuals and perennials and shrubs in your garden. But, here is another beautiful plant that definitely deserves its place in your flower oasis. It is a desert rose, also known by the botanical name Delosperma.

The plant is short and has strong stems, grows like a vine, and during flowering the garden is adorned with beautiful colors. Besides its beautiful appearance, it has another quality – it is very easy to grow.

Otherwise care must be taken not to mix Delosperm with another plant, also called an ice plant. It is an invasive species with the botanical name Carpobrotus. The plants look a bit similar, but Delosperma is a wonderful ornamental, non-invasive plant that fits perfectly in all gardens, from the traditional to the very modern.

Photo: David KortCC BY 2.0

The desert rose is incredibly easy to grow. It does not mind bad soil, flowers from spring to autumn and requires minimal watering – a truly ideal plant for any garden.

Conditions for growing desert roses

Since this plant is not demanding, you do not have to put much effort into cultivating it. Make sure you plant it in a place with lots of sun and it will reward you with an abundance of flowers. Abundance of sun, in delosperm means six or more hours of direct sunlight during the day. Like most flowering plants, it will not flower well in shady areas, but the heat does not bother it. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for a fairytale flower cover in the hottest part of the year.

Photo: land in VirginiaCC BY 2.0

Plant desert roses

Plant the Delosperm in a slightly larger hole, at the same level as it was in the pot. After planting, water it immediately, and in the next few months, water it only in periods when it has not rained for several weeks. Be careful not to water too much as the desert rose does not like excessive humidity and may start to rot due to excess water. It also prefers sandy or well-drained soil. If the soil in your garden also contains clay, it is best to plant delosperma in pots. The bright colors of delosperma flowers look incredibly good in pots on the sunny terrace or near the pool, reports tportal.hr.

Characteristics of the desert rose

This plant is usually perennial, but in colder climates it is good to let it dry a bit in the fall to harden and prepare for the coming cold weather. Delosperma spreads very quickly and usually doubles in the first year. This is exactly why it is a good choice for hilly terrain as it helps control soil erosion. There are many different colors and varieties of delosperma, but most remain between three and six inches high. It looks beautiful in rocky areas, along the front edge of the flower bed, but it is also an excellent ground cover because it spreads like a flower carpet. This bright and cheerful plant that blooms throughout the season is also very popular among pollinators.

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