While many believe that safe driving depends on knowledge of traffic rules, there are others that need to be followed. If they are neglected, you could even end up in a light collision with serious injuries, writes Bright Side.

Protect yourself while driving with these three simple tricks.

Adjust the driver’s seat

Proper posture while driving is very important. The position of the driver must be in accordance with the safety protocol.

In an emergency, everyone responds instinctively. For example, everyone presses their hands on the steering wheel before the collision, and their feet are pressed on the pedals and the floor at the same time. Unfortunately, straight knee and elbow joints can be injured even after a slight collision.

Due to the incorrect position of the backrest, the driver’s body falls backwards and the hands must be actively held by the steering wheel because the driver sits too far from the steering wheel and pedals.

So adjust the backrest angle. When trying to straighten your legs, push the floor and pedals hard. Your body should not move to the back of the seat. As you move, place the backrest closer to the vertical position. Adjustment is considered correct if your body does not fall backwards or forwards.

The last step in adjusting for proper steering position is to find the right position between you and the steering wheel. Your palm should be placed vertically between your legs and the steering wheel. Issue. If your wrist touches the top of the steering wheel, the distance is correct.

Check the brakes

Signs of brake failure are:

  • Beep when braking
  • Brake pedal pulsation
  • The car goes to the side when you apply the brakes
  • There are traces of brake oil leaks on the inside of the wheels

Do not wait until one of these symptoms appears. You need to pay attention to the condition of the brake pads and hoses of your car. A small crack in the hose can leave you without brakes at the worst moment – for example in front of a pedestrian crossing.

To make sure the brake hoses are working properly, touch them. If they are solid and crack when you try to bend them, they need to be replaced. The hoses must be dry and without any leaks. Note: after the hose is replaced, it is necessary to release the air.

Do not move the heel off the floor

This tip will prevent your foot from slipping off the pedal. However, the size of your foot also plays an important role. The smaller the leg, the more inconvenient it is to follow this advice. However, there is a method that will suit everyone – to switch the foot between the pedals from heel to heel.

When using the accelerator pedal, it is important to remember that the foot is always on the heel, and when you press the brake pedal, the heel may not reach the floor, depending on the size of the foot and the distance between the pedals. .