If you sleep badly and dream even worse, they say that you can look for the reason for this in the arrangement of the furniture in your bedroom.

Especially if you have a mirror looking at the bed, writes The Mirror.

This is because mirrors across the bed can encourage nightmares, according to feng shui experts – which makes a lot of sense to be honest, given the number of mirrors in the bedroom that appear in whimsical movies about exorcism, reports tuzlanski.ba.

It is clear that when we sleep at night, our soul leaves our body, which means that if our soul sees its own reflection, it will surely be afraid. They say this is what causes us to have bad dreams and nightmares.

Feng shui expert Viki Svitlav explained that the soul can even misunderstand its reflection as a “real body” called “soul theft”.

But in addition to causing nightmares, the mirror in front of your bed can also cause insomnia by depleting your personal energy. This is because it is said that mirrors double and restore energy in the room, which in turn can disrupt the peace of mind needed.

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