Color is not a matter of trend, but of market movements …

An analysis of the most impressive German car sales platforms, conducted by a regional profiled medium, showed that purple cars will lose price by as much as 27 percent compared to the average price of vehicles of the same type and performance.

In addition, if the car is silver, it loses 25 percent, gold about 23 percent, red 11 percent, blue 10 percent and eventually green only 1 percent.

– Maybe red is a good choice for Ferrari, but if you buy a business sedan like Volkswagen Passat or BMW 5 Series, that color is inappropriate, that is, it will give you a headache when you sell – they put it in the most famous German platform for selling used cars make a mistake when buying an orange vehicle because it brings about 5 percent higher price than the average when selling a vehicle, white by 6 percent, black by 10 percent, gray by 10 percent and yellow by 13 percent are even better choices. From this platform, they noticed that the same cars with more vivid colors are much less seen on internet ads than those with more neutral colors like gray or black.

These experts warn that when buying, you should always keep in mind that the color should match the car class, i.e. the average – if you want to sell a used vehicle well. Avoid trendy colors, which have been in vogue for a while but will quickly become a thorn in the side.

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