In addition to the aesthetic impression, there are other important reasons why you should put rugs in almost every room.

Less than 30 years ago, Doyle Bloss, the marketing manager of a company that makes carpet steam cleaners, identified ten reasons why it is useful to install carpets in the premises, whether it is a place to live or work.

Appearance: Colors and patterns of carpets beautify the look of your apartment.

Style: The existence of hundreds of different designs, shapes and colors of rugs has created thousands of possibilities to fulfill this item.

Heat insulation: Carpet can retain heat as an important factor in the atmosphere in your apartment. In addition to the psychological impression of home warmth, rugs actually form a physical barrier between you and the cold of the floor.

Sound insulation: Several studies have found that carpets play an important role in sound absorption.
Safety: There is less chance of slipping on the mat compared to walking on a bare floor. Falling is also less painful when the mats are there.

Cost reduction: According to the US Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), carpet maintenance is much more cost effective than carpet-free floor maintenance.

Health: Carpets retain allergens, dust and other potentially harmful particles.

Ease of hygienic maintenance: Cleaning and washing carpets is easier and cheaper than washing floors.

Environmental sustainability: According to a study by one manufacturer, 85% of 55 tons of discarded carpets were recycled in new ones, which largely eliminated the need to use raw materials.

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