YouTube on Wednesday began hiding the number of dislikes among videos on its platform, reports The Verge. The company says its intention is to prevent smaller content creators from being the target of attacks or harassment and to promote “decent interaction between viewers and creators”.

To avoid confusion, the like button will still be on the page, but will serve for private feedback, not public embarrassment.

Back in March, YouTube announced that it was experimenting with hiding the number of dislikes, and some content creators had the opportunity to hide the rating of their videos for some time.

Similar practice on other social networks

However, viewers have a habit of watching the relationship between likes and dislikes as soon as they click on the video, which has sometimes influenced their role in continuing to watch. Now there would be no more of that option, and that step could have prevented the harassment of content creators.

During testing, it was shown that respondents used the button less to “attack” the creator because they could not see how the number of dislikes increased. YouTube says the move will continue to enable well-meaning viewers to give feedback to content creators or use disapproval to adjust video recommendations.

Other social networks have also given users the ability to hide statistics. Namely, Facebook allows you to hide likes if you do not want your main measure of success on the platform to be shown to everyone. Instagram has not yet lifted the likes, but it is showing increasing concern about the data available to the creators, contrary to their audience.

YouTube’s argument about protecting unknown content creators from harassment is hard to dispute. So, if you now want to “reward” a video with a disapproval, you will no longer do it in front of everyone, but only the creator who posted the content.

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