Problems with car batteries are among the most common roadside assistance interventions. Charging and discharging cycles, battery age – in the end it all leads to failures.

How to check the condition of the battery?

You can do this with a simple test. Park the car in the dark in front of a wall, then turn off the engine and turn on the low beam. If the light starts to get darker after a short while, it is an indication that the battery is weak.

Of course, you can always check the battery with a voltmeter, but this is not a common part of tools and appliances in the average household.

Special care must be taken when locking the vehicle so that the light does not remain inside the vehicle, reports B92.

How long does it take to drain the battery?

Lower-capacity batteries in, for example, petrol engines, if they are switched on overnight with the passenger compartment lights on, can be discharged to the level that it is no longer possible to start the engine the next day, which is actually the most common problem.

This usually happens with batteries that are older than two years – due to the larger number of charging and discharging cycles, their capacity is reduced.

Older vehicles are usually equipped with just one 5W passenger light bulb, but newer ones sometimes have up to three lighting sections in different parts of the passenger compartment, which significantly increases the number of light bulbs or consumers, so instead of one there are often five, which an older battery can be serious problem.

Problems with turning on the engine can occur when you return to the vehicle after only five hours of operation of these light bulbs in the idle state of the car. There will be some electricity left in the vehicle for smaller consumers, but it is not enough to “start” the engine.

This type of problem usually occurs with drivers if the vehicle door does not close completely after exiting or the driver turns on the interior lighting via a switch after driving to read something, and then leaves the vehicle without returning the switch to the auto-off position. He then got out of the vehicle and expected the interior lighting to turn off on its own.

If the light was on in the evening, the next contact with the vehicle is usually only the next morning. In that case, the driver will be surprised because the vehicle does not respond to the remote control key, which is a sign that the batteries are discharged.

Many vehicles, when locked, have the function of switching off the interior lighting from two to ten seconds from two to ten seconds after closing the vehicle, and new vehicles, even in the case of open doors, usually switch off the lights are ten minutes off.

If you have an older model, it is not bad to wait after the vehicle is closed for the lights to go out.

Before that, make sure that you have disconnected all power consumers in the vehicle, from the exterior to the interior lights, as well as the consumers you may have connected to the 12V socket.

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