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It all started 11 years ago when she was unable to charge her cell phone due to a brief power outage. It was then that she realized that if she was permanently without electricity, she would be in big trouble.

She began researching ways to prepare for a possible zombie apocalypse and soon she and her husband became part of a “preparatory” community, a group of people preparing for all sorts of endings in the world.

As her children grew up, Morgan began to involve them in the preparations – from collecting and storing food, to emergency supplies, and in 2020 her family took the “final” step and moved to rural Alaska where they live halfway. -sustainable outside of civilization.

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Posted by Rogue readiness he Thursday, 4 June 2020

“The main reason why I became an argument is that the electricity went off one day. The battery on my phone was running low and I did not know what I would do if I could not charge the phone. “It caused a flood of ideas,” Rogue told Metro.

The family now has electricity thanks to generators and solar panels, and they plan to build a windmill.

They have a small animal farm and a garden, and they are also working on building a greenhouse and bringing in more animals. Morgan is also digging a well to make her home 50 percent self-sufficient for the next five years.

“So many things are out of our control – natural disasters, traffic accidents, attacks, polluted water and so on. See how unprepared we were for the pandemic. That alone should be enough for people to have supplies in a few weeks, just in case, “Morgan said.

She and her husband are experienced hunters and can use their skills to feed the family in case of any disaster.

Morgan also says he does not want to be dependent on others and learn new skills every day. “I am constantly learning. I do not like to buy bread, so I knead my own. Then I realized that I needed wheat for it, so now we have it, ”she said, adding that she teaches her children that they can be anything they want, but that she hopes to show her determination, readiness and self-sustainability. to be ready for anything that throws life in their path.

“You can be ready and lead a normal life. Preparations are part of your life, not life itself. Any person can be a preper no matter where he lives and how much money he has. “It’s never too late – overcome tomorrow with today’s preparations,” she said.

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