Certain colors can evoke certain emotions in us, and that fact is a good guideline when choosing the colors we bring into our home. The two colors stand out especially in their characteristics, because according to the results of a survey in which 1,500 respondents participated, it makes us the happiest.

Forecasts say that light green will be a hit color in 2022, it is also known that red kitchen can lower the value of a property when we want to sell it, and we also know that blue is the best choice for a spa experience in The bathroom. But what colors in the house make us happiest? Because the feeling of happiness is what we all strive for within our four walls.

Modsy, a San Francisco-based interior design company, surveyed more than 1,500 people and found purple and yellow to be some of the least popular home decor colors, but those who still incorporated them into their four walls declared themselves the happiest. For a sense of happiness, yellow and purple should not be combined, but there is no doubt that these two colors go very well together and that it is worth trying to combine them.

Aside from the fact that yellow is associated with the feeling of positivity and happiness, some other factors also influence the fact that purple and yellow are the colors that make us the happiest. According to the survey, people who painted the walls of the room with one of those two colors felt safe in their homes (98 percent of those who chose purple and 87 percent of those who chose yellow) and felt in control of the space in which they lived.

Such answers suggest that it is less about feeling the way they feel about color, than about feeling confident and comfortable enough in their own space to be able to “allow” bold wall color choices that reflect their feelings. – even when that choice is not. popular.

Yellow can also be a very good choice for the color of the kitchen, experts claim, adding that the best choice would be a shade with gray undertones that is a little darker and works well with various types of finishes. In other rooms in the house, darker shades of yellow, such as mustard, will be a good option. In terms of purple, darker shades such as plum color can create a warm, attractive atmosphere, while eggplant color with gray undertones will give the space a more relaxed atmosphere.

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