Shelf life is not long …

Some drivers will have their car parked in the parking lot or garage for a long time, but what will happen to the fuel? And it has a shelf life.

The long state of fuel in the car tank cannot be compared to quality wines, which increase in quality over time if disposed of properly.

Petrol and diesel can not stay in the tanks for too long, ie they can, but in that case they will lose their properties and if you switch on the car after months of non-use, there can be problems, writes Revijahak.

Gasoline in the tank should be used up after a maximum of two to three months after it is filled. Otherwise it will become a fluid that can damage your engine.

Diesel in the fuel tank can “hold” just as short. In biodiesel, with which diesel is mixed, there are bacteria that will start acting on the fuel when it stands and creates a sludge.

Corrosion of the fuel tank or clogging of the fuel supply system is possible.

Diesel in the tank should be consumed within about three months, and no later than six months after it is filled.

All of these are of course general recommendations, because no one knows how much fuel is in your car, what the temperatures are, how much oxygen is in the tank …

How to recognize worn fuel, ie what will happen when it reaches the engine of your vehicle?

The engine light will go on, which of course can burn for numerous other reasons. In that case, the advice is to take your vehicle to a service center where they will find the cause of the problem.

The engine can also have problems with starting, rough operation at diaper, or loss of power during acceleration.

If it is determined that the “spoiled” fuel is the cause, it is necessary to remove it from the tank.

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