Littering happens in every home, but that does not mean that lazy people live in it, but that it is a temporary state of affairs caused by a lack of time.

Unfortunately, the clutter in some homes is constant. When you realize this, it’s time to turn on the alarm, because a home where there is no order will always attract mischief and trouble.

Mess in the hallway

You should always start at the corridor, because according to Feng Shui rules, it is the central highway of the house. The “crowd” on this road are often old shoes, bicycles, cars, clothes and umbrellas. The mess in the hallway means that there will be a constant quarrel in the house, a lack of money, and the residents will want to “escape” from here.

If you throw out the trash, old shoes, stacked jackets and umbrellas, fix the bikes, you will “open the way” for happiness, and it will be able to knock on your door.

Mess in the bathroom

No wonder they say that “the bathroom is the face of a woman living in the house.” And if this room is dirty, mold is sprinkled on the tiles, cosmetics are sprinkled, towels are torn, this means that a complex of lower value may appear at the “housewife’s house”. With a woman who has normal self-esteem, who is happy with herself and her life, the bathroom will always shine. What is the situation in the bathroom in the morning, so will be your day.


The more clutter in the toilet we have, the more hidden secrets in our lives. A clean toilet means getting rid of accumulated anger and problems in life.

Rubbish in the kitchen

The kitchen is a source of abundance, energy and well-being, it is the heart of the home. In the end, our condition depends on what we eat, as well as on the mood of the person who prepared the meal. If the kitchen is full of garbage, empty bottles, cans, on the shelves “the enemy has broken his leg”, do not be surprised that you can not get rid of extra pounds. Clean the kitchen and wellness will invade your home. Both financially and emotionally. Food should be prepared in neatness, ease, in the middle of the light, and only then will it bring benefit, not harm.


This room is the face of the house, guests are welcome in it. She is responsible for communicating with the rest of the world, it is an indication of how friends and family see your life. Mess in the living room will lead to quarrels, misunderstandings between you and family and friends … Such quarrels necessarily lead to loneliness, alienation and uselessness. The living room should “attract” good people to your home, and happiness with them. Do not overdo it, it can cause confusion in relationships with other people. The more light in the living room, the better.


It is the most intimate place where your personal happiness is “forged”. Litter in this room can lead to insomnia, quarrels with a loved one, problems in the intimate sphere.

Experts recommend removing anything not directly related to sleep and sex from the bedroom.TV and computer are completely redundant in this room. The bedroom should radiate peace and tranquility.

Take care of what you bring into the house, and especially what you keep for years. Do not think too much and get rid of the garbage. Get out of the house of those things that you have been collecting for years and that are suffocating you. Keep memories in your head, not in things.

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