How long does it take for the engine to warm up in winter conditions? For decades, drivers kept their cars idle for at least 10 minutes before starting, but this is a bad habit.

This rule of “heating” at low temperatures applies to the older generation units, while modern technology brings changes.

Experts say that it is not necessary to heat the vehicle for more than one minute, because not only do we consume more fuel, but there is also greater wear and tear of moving parts.

Even more important is the advice not to overdo the petrol in the first 10-15 minutes of driving.

To allow the oil to reach operating temperature and lubricate all parts evenly, keep the engine running at low revs, driving slowly and without sharp accelerations.

Oil or coolant temperature indicators are not available on many four-wheel drive. If you have them, rely on them and be “gentle” with the gas until they reach the optimal level, the media reports.

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