If you are not the most skilled at growing and you forget to water the plants, choose the less demanding

If you have always wanted to feel a breath of nature in the apartment and enjoy your own oasis, but you could not do so so far, we will reveal the secret of successful cultivation of houseplants.

All your problems will be solved by the correct choice of the type of flowers that will best suit the conditions in the apartment or house.

Therefore, we have prepared for you three suggestions of plants that we like and see that are resistant to our mistakes.

Sanseveria or Indian feather

If you forget to water your flowers, opt for this simple plant.

It can withstand when exposed to the sun, but also when it is in the shade, except that its leaves will be colorful if you put it next to the window.

It does not like high humidity, so the water that accumulates in the carpet should be emptied regularly, and between the two waterings, allow the soil to dry.

This plant can stand near the radiator.


Recognizable by its large green leaves, the ficus seeks a bright space on all sides.

It needs more time to adapt to room conditions, so we should not move or rotate it.

He does not like positions near front doors, windows and air conditioners.

Water moderately twice a week because a large amount of water suffocates the top, which can be recognized by the yellow or falling leaves.


It is one of the most hardy houseplants.

It likes moderate light and is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Philadendron is a tropical plant and loves water, so it should be watered regularly and abundantly during growth, the soil should then be moist but never oversaturated.

It must be eaten because it requires a lot of food due to its abundant weight.

Once a week, the leaves should be wiped of dust with a sponge soaked in lukewarm water.

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