Do Tesla and BMW drivers have a different driving style than those driven by Toyota and Volvo? The insurance company Storebrand conducted a survey through Norstat on the driving habits of Norwegians and found out, among other things, who the most cautious and aggressive drivers in traffic are. The research is interesting because there are also many electric cars in Norway.

Many of us may have bad experiences in traffic with drivers of some car brands. But which cars have the most arrogant owners, and which are the most cautious?

BMW is at the top of the list (expected?) And respondents think the drivers of these cars are the most aggressive. This is the opinion of as many as 53 percent of respondents.

The list is dominated by brands known for expensive cars. After BMW, there are Audi (37 percent), Tesla (30 percent), Porsche (18 percent) and Mercedes (15 percent).

Drivers of these brands are the most cautious while driving: Toyota (23 percent), Volvo (17 percent), Škoda (12 percent), Volkswagen (10 percent), Opel (8 percent).

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