The results are surprising, and managers of German luxury brands will like it the least.

Scrap Car Comparison conducted a study in which they wanted to find out what kind of cars are most driven by psychopaths, selfish and confident drivers who do not care about other road users. A survey conducted among about two thousand British drivers has succeeded in defining the ideal car for the average psychopath.

The psychopath’s favorite brand is … BMW

Just as in America, Mustang drivers are associated with those who like to brag about driving and end up with a broken car, so in Europe the impression is that BMW drivers are extremely rude, aggressive and arrogant towards other road users. They also like to overdo it with speed and generally break traffic rules.

This study says something similar. BMW drivers got the most points, 12.6 out of a possible 36. They are followed by Audi drivers with 11.7 points, while Fiat ranks significantly further with 7 points. The top 5 was rounded off by Mazda with 6.4 points and Honda with 6.3 points. The average result of the polls was 6.6 points, so only the first three points are above average. Interestingly, Mercedes drivers are only in seventh place, while quite below Skoda drivers are like those with the least psychopathic tendencies. Such a result suggests that Škoda drivers are the least impulsive, that is, the calmest in driving.


BMW 12.1
Audi 11.7
Fiat 7.0
Mazda 6.4
Honda 6.3
Ford 6.1
Mercedes-Benz 5.9
Citroën 5.8
Volkswagen 5.4
Hyundai 5.3
Renault 5.3
Other 5.3
Volvo 5.2
Nissan 5.0
Peugeot 4.8
Toyota 4.7
Opel 4.7
SEAT 4.3
Kia 4.2
Damage 3.2

Get away from the golden and brown cars

When we talk about the color of the car, things are clear. The highest score and 12.7 points apply to the gold color, while the brown color wins 12.2 points. At the very bottom is silver with 5.5 and red with 4.9 points, reports

The same study says that those with personal number plates are almost three times more susceptible to psychopathic behavior than those with standard number plates. They have 13.8 points compared to 5.3 points of those with normal registrations.

After all, if you see a gold BMW with personal registration on the road – move to the side and run.

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