Turkmenistan is considered the country with the slowest internet in the world, and users need almost a whole day to download the film, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reported.

In a report on the speed of broadband internet access worldwide in 2021, the website cable.co.uk stated that Turkmenistan, with an internet speed of 0.50 megabytes per second (Mbps), is the slowest of the 224 countries that covered by the survey.

It took just over 22 hours and 34 minutes to download five gigabytes.

This figure places an isolated country in Central Asia even behind war-torn countries such as Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan in terms of internet speed, research has shown.

The Turkmen government has tightened controls on access to information in recent years in an effort to curb messages coming from the country about people’s fate. At the same time, she blocked all information coming from abroad and criticized the authorities there.

In Eastern Europe, the three countries with the highest average internet speeds were Hungary, Romania and Slovenia.

The slowest internet in the Balkans was recorded according to the British website in Northern Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

The website also said the list was made after more than 1.1 billion speed tests carried out over 12 months, up to 30 July.

“Although the countries at the bottom of the list are still suffering from extremely poor speeds, the figures for 2021 show that the situation is improving,” the website said.


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