In recent times, electric stoves with flat plates have been increasingly used, which are mostly made of glass or ceramic, while the old-fashioned with hotplates are slowly entering the past.

Among many other features that such stoves have, most housewives will rejoice that they are very easy to clean, incomparably easier than the old ones or gas. It will only take you a few minutes, says Mater or Taste.

To keep the stove clean, just wipe it off every day with water and a sponge after use, and rub it thoroughly once a week.

You will need the following:

Hot water, sponge, cleaner for such stoves, paper towels, cotton cloth and, if necessary, scrubbing thread.


To start, dip the sponge in warm water with detergent and pick up all the accumulated dirt and grease. Before you start cleaning, make sure the plate is completely cold, then wipe it off thoroughly with a sponge and rub lightly.

Then wipe the plate so that it is completely dry, so that there are no drops of water on it.

Once you have dried the plate, it is time to apply the detergent and gently rub all the accumulated dirt in a circular motion. If stubborn stains have formed that you can not remove with a sponge, use a scouring pad or a metal spatula.

After scrubbing, remove traces of detergent with paper towels in a circular motion as if applying polishing wax. After that, your cleaning is over, and the stove should shine.

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