A rule that can save lives!

If you live in the city, you should always see people driving dangerously. But even parked cars can be dangerous. This is especially true for cyclists. Cyclists, who are often “squeezed” between parked cars and through traffic, tend to get bumps when car doors open.

The “door” phenomenon of cars is such a threat to cyclists that there is a term that describes their hitting: opening the door. Unfortunately, opening the door is much more common than you think. In 2011 in Chicago, there was about one accident at the entrance every day. And since then, things have not gone much better for cyclists in larger cities. There were still more than 300 cases of cyclists hitting the open door of a car in 2015. And in New York, at least three cyclists died in 2019 as a result of the door opening, reports zena.blic.rs.

New York hopes to raise awareness about opening doors among taxi passengers with “LOOK! For cyclists “sticker in all 13,000 city taxis. (Chicago refused to adopt a similar measure a few years ago.) This is a good start for a city that serves about 336,000 taxi passengers every day.

Dutch intervention

But what else can we do to protect cyclists? Fortunately, there is a simple, almost effortless step you can take to ensure the safety of cyclists. All you have to do is open the door of your car with your right hand. This advice comes to us from the Netherlands, which is why it is known as the “Dutch procedure”. If you are sitting on the driver’s side of a parked car and want to get out, do not open the door with your left hand (even though it is closest to the door). Rather open the door with your right hand. This simple movement causes you to rotate your entire torso and first draw the line of sight next to the mirror, during which you will see who is on the road next to you at that moment.

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