The Ministry of Defense of Israel announced today that it will intensify monitoring of cyber exports following a series of scandals involving the Israeli company NSO Group due to its espionage software Pegasus.

As stated, the countries that are buyers of Israeli cyber technology will have to sign a declaration that they will use the products “only for the investigation and prevention of terrorist acts and serious crime”.

Sanctions “including cybercrime and / or exclusion” may be imposed on countries that violate these conditions.

The statement did not name the NSO, but such a decision was made a few days after well-informed sources said the phones of 11 employees in the U.S. State Department had been hacked by the company’s software.

Those employees were all in Uganda, and among them were people from the foreign ministry, said one person who did not have the authority to make statements about the investigation.

This is the first known case that Pegasus was used against employees in the US government.

In November, the U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisted the NSO and banned it from using U.S. technology.

Last week, Apple sued the NSO for hacking iPhones and other products, calling the Israeli company “21st Century Immoral Mercenaries.”


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