How to make your radiators white and new again This can be achieved in a matter of minutes with a completely unexpected remedy.

You can say a lot of bad things about social networking, but the fact is that a lot of ingenious tricks and tips come out of it. It is this one, from the Facebook group that gathers cleaning fanatics who are ready to try everything possible and impossible to achieve the ultimate shine and neatness of their home.

So this woman has discovered how to clean and restore her radiators to their original shine, and for that she needs a fabric softener.

“I took some hot water and added some emollient. I put everything in a spray bottle, sprayed it on the radiator and wiped it with a cloth. All the stubborn and old stains disappeared within a few minutes, and my old radiator looks like new “, this woman is proud.

“And not only does the radiator look new to me, but the whole room smells delicious to me. The fabric softener is great because it has enough detergent to wipe off the stains, but not enough to damage the paint, so I use it for anything and everything, ”writes this woman, and her trick has the whole group and everyone who tried it rejoiced. that it works.

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